Canvas Board Gallery

These pieces are painted on high quality canvas boards. Most are 11"X14" but there are a few 12"X16". Click each piece to see full size (non-cropped) versions.

If you have questions or desire to purchase one of these canvas board paintings, please contact me. Thank you - Luke

Tumultuous Waters
Eleanor Shelby GT500
End of a Day - $65
Sarah, My Mustang -$55
Uncertainty - $50
Pensive - $65
Reflecting on Art - $65
Laurel Canyon - $65
Edge of the Bridge - $75
Overthinking - $75
Winter Solace - $50
Night Shift - $ 75
Night Lights - $65
Texas Big Clouds - $65
Chicago Skyline - $50
Lazy Morning - $50

Prices include tax.  Shipping is not included in the price listed.  The price is for in person pickup. See "Shipping" in the Menu Bar for more details on shipping costs and everything provided with it .  

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