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Paintings for big companies



Lucas gets amazing support from Artlifting. Lucas has sold artwork to many individuals and companies around the world. He has also sold prints and originals to companies through ArtLifting. Most of these have new homes. Some are available as prints or original canvas paintings through ArtLifting.

Through ArtLifting, Lucas was commissioned to create a series of paintings for Merck, a company dedicated to bringing forward medicines and vaccines for many of the world’s most challenging diseases. These paintings were inspired by Merck's history, culture, and values. He began working on this project in late March 2020 and completed it in October. He is very proud of what he created for Merck's employees to enjoy and be inspired by. This project was a great experience, and he enjoyed delving into Merck’s accomplishments. Lucas was so honored to be asked to do this project for a company that’s so dedicated to helping patients.

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