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True Colors

Purchasing and Shipping Information 

Please read the following carefully before purchasing artwork.

If writing checks, please make  them out  to "Crayonbreaking Art, LLC"   and NOT to Luke, thank you.            

Purchases can be completed through this website or we will need to coordinate PayPal*  and Venmo, Zelle. I do have a  Square card reader (for in person transactions.)  Zelle will NOT require transaction fees.

Smaller paintings have shipping included. However, larger paintings do have a fixed rate. 

**Shipping rates went up in 2022.

We can coordinate meeting places or pickup locations for in person deliveries or if you want a painting shipped only a short distance,  via chat or email. If you have concerns or questions about shipping rates, please contact me before completing your purchase. 

Lucas will have your paintings packaged and shipped professionally usually via FedEx using their secure poster boxes and custom (extra cost) boxes for larger pieces.  They package for me which includes painting value insurance and tracking numbers. In some cases USPS or UPS maybe used instead. **Unless requested, signatures will NOT be required for delivery.  


 **PayPal and Venmo MAY require a small increase to cover transaction fees. 

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