Born in Seoul, South Korea, Lucas was adopted by a loving family in Colorado. He grew up doing art most of his life in Boulder. Having Cerebral Palsy Left Hemiplegia, he does not let it stop him from making art. He has always loved drawing, especially because of his love of cars. He graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Art Education.  In 2015, he expanded his art mediums to acrylic painting on canvas.  Lucas enjoys painting landscapes, cityscapes, animals, and portraits. 


Being able to sit down at my easel and just listen to music while I put my emotions, hopes, and memories on canvas with my paint brush is an amazing feeling. Many of the locations in my paintings are places that I wish to visit and those with special personal meaning. Emotion and movement are important to my painting.  Most of my landscapes and cityscapes show people going about their days, rain or shine. 

My paintings have been inspired by modern, everyday life: both busy cities and quiet natural settings. Taking a snapshot of night out on the town or out in the country, my paintings will hopefully immerse the viewer into these scenes.

Lucas is a member of NoBo Arts District.

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